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Guy I was dating Acting weird [message #10252] Wed, 22 July 2020 22:58 Go to next message
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I met an Aquarius guy who had a 2 year old daughter at my friends house. His uncle lived next door to her. The first day we met we clicked. We talked about different things and laughed and had great chemistry. We hung out every weekend for the first 3 weeks but barely texted throughout the week. We had sex the 4th time we hung out and I didn't expect nothing to come out of it, I just saw it as a fling. The next day after having sex, I didn't reach out because I knew he was spending time with his daughter. He texted me at 10pm and said "You weren't gonna check on me?" I said I thought about it but didn't because I knew you was with your daughter. After that day we talked on the phone EVERYDAY and it was regular calls, he always wanted to facetime. He initiated all calls and most of the texting. Sometimes I texted but was hestitant to be the first to call because I didn't wanna appear clinging. We spoke about houses, careers, shopping, news, finances, school and past relationships. One thing I noticed is that he always accused me of having other guys but I never said yes or no because we were both single and I didn't feel we needed to disclose that because we should just be focused on each other (sidebar: I wasn't talking to anyone but him). After a month and a half of talking/hanging out, I was with my bestfriend working out and he called me, I didn't answer because we were using my phone for workouts. I called him back 30 mins later and he declined the call so I assumed he was busy. All night he posted on social media, so I texted him and asked him why he didn't call me back and he told me I should've picked up when he called. I told him I was busy and he said I should picked up or texted him saying that. That rubbed me the wrong way but we had a conversation about it the next day and smooth things over. A week later he put me on facetime with his daughter twice and we was chatting and it made me think "does he like me? Or is he doing that with everyone?" but I just went with it. A couple of days later, on a wednesday, we were talking and he said he wanted to see me on Friday. I saw sure we can have a movie night with food. He said "I didn't choose Saturday because I know you have your other boos" I said I don't know why you are saying that, if you want to ask me if im talking to other guys then ask. He said no im not gonna ask cause I don't want to get my feelings involved. That upset me because what were we doing? So I said good night ill talk to you tomorrow. Thursday comes I didn't hear from him and I didn't reach out. Friday comes and I still didn't hear from him so around 7pm I call him saying I wanted to check on him and wanted to know if we were still hanging out. He said "why didn't you call me yesterday" I said why didn't you call me? I told him that I know he had his daughter yesterday and took her to the pool so I was giving him space. He said " no you were with her Thursday boo" I told him he needs to stop with these comments. And he said, Ill play my role. I then asked him " if I didn't call him would he ever have called me" and he said no. I told him that's immature and he told me to hush. So I said, ill call you later and he hung up on me. 1 hour later I texted him telling him that ill let the hang up slide because I could tell he was upset for no reason but I'd still like to see him. The text didn't go through. I called and HE BLOCKED ME. I saw he was posting on Social media and DMed and saying " idk what your issue is but I'm going to give you a chance to fix things between us or we don't have to talk anymore". He said "give me a chance? You're bugging". A day passed by and I was still blocked so I DMed him again and said "can you unblock me so we can talk" and he read the message and didn't respond. Another day passed by and I started getting block calls, I didn't answer but I knew in my heart it was him. Then later that night I got a text from him asking "Whats going on at the neighbors house?" because my friend lived next door to his uncle. I ignored it. The a week later he texted me "WOW" 3 hours later I responded and said "wow what?" and he never answered. Its been 2 days of no response.

What is going on with him? Should i just forget him or try to reach out once more?
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After reading your Very Long letter (which you laid out in detail I must add), you didn't mention his age and who do they (him & daughter) live with? I say that because he sounds like a very immature guy who still lives at home with mama.(Somebody has to take care of the little 2 year old; either his mom or the uncle).

And I can betcha' that you're his first serious girlfriend! He don't know how to handle a sound relationship with you. Trust, honesty and communication is 'key' within any relationship. That's why he gets upset when things don't go his way and you don't do what he says. Trust issues makes him talk and act suspicious with you! Trust me my friend, you're not doing anything wrong!

My advice is to just wish him well and let this immature dude go. He has growing up issues to deal with. Move on and don't look back! You can do so much better!
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