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The sixteenth chapter fish women.. [message #5219] Thu, 05 May 2011 06:40
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Yang southern ChaWan,Adidas Water Grip malicious filling up a few bites, cold tea, this just forget about it, butterfly garment see master has indeed some depressed, gentle voices urged, "childe don't worry, this YunGongZi this to maybe he won't come."YangNa shook her head: "though I won't visit fortune-teller, but we also know that cloud jc persistent, some stay gas, with the abbot of most avoid meaningless, I see this thing causality yet." YangNa yourself and mercilessly way: "white, are you ask for of disaster, punish you three days prohibit to absorb moisture!"White otherworldly, but no water unhappy, she also know oneself can be a master nerve, only the noodles Lou bitter color darling should.Red sun dew smile, the great listener way: "the onam, you don't worry, mortal, abbot of ecstasy, experience necessary if you fix to the tremendous state, will be cut to seven feelings six desires.
If you don't experience the world of mortals causal,* retros no causal, and no disposition of yet?"YangNa listening to these words said Yang chek lap kok it very reasonable, indefinitely nodded, not just in the causal fate said in buddhist and Taoist, the Confucian also have, just now YangNa is just beyond the gate, these newly border is still a long way off, but also need not much said."Thanks for eldest brother advice." YangNa understand chek teach him that it is in the sun still not mature to the heart of the tao, full of melancholy also vanished."Childe fleet like stopped, as if to a dock." Perception keen butterfly garment suddenly stopped watching laughter, looking out of the window.Hull tremble, and the red sun gently waved way: "don't worry, the likelihood is the king the pier loading cargo ship main, I went to see again."Red YangNa also say go,continue to XuanYiQing qinglong water travelling.
He turned looked at lotus demon in white,Nike Gladiator MD Sandals and mouth way: "white, your soul is not collecting Dan uniting, still not quick go to?"White naughty made a face, in the heart is glad unceasingly, previously YangNa said to punish her, but now also called her draw uniting the method of hydraulic that represent no longer travelling punished her?YangNa selfish immersion in the XiuXian among mysteriously tactic, many reason he still don't quite understand, but lies in uniting the method in attendance, a travelling on soul is condensed Dan, at the moment is in rivers, more skill self-defense well.A little while, and the ship owners parked in the king's river, the dock like that has a fleet of merchants, light on a mansion way receive the goods is far from enough, each house word has he sent to people, after collecting goods in wharf of when this just shipping aboard ships.
YangNa can ignore these businessmen,air * retros just in DE river boat on one day, he stopped in the boat also stay so many days some QiMen, hence then open window to see up method travelling on the wharf is lively.The sound of a tumult, a team of officers and soldiers from the expression, unblasphemable boarded the vessel YangNa heart in a jump, looks like a team that soldiers ship inspection appearance?Red Yang from outside came in, low voice: "onam, be careful, Yang cheng that fellow WenDeJiang mansion, and preach with searching for water the officers and soldiers to check the name of a thief, wang owner no holding boat."YangNa after a pause, then come in several officers and men outside a little red Yang came and gave, gold, and silver, several bags spoke a few words of good soldiers, the greed, see this woman boudoir is indeed what man within a thief hiding place or water emmanuelle beart.
YangNaSong tone,ed hardys from the king came in bitter owners face a way: "miss li ever frightened?"YangNa shook his head, know perfectly well past ask word: "if this group of officers to owner the ship... why?"The king of the charterer a face of wry smile way: "this group of coarse han don't tell you speak what reason, will I the ship at sixes and sevens, it is to find a dynasty court khin committed, I here which have made what? However is to think opaque faked a little money flower just."The emperor, local officials have long illness then some misbehaving, these soldier is arrogant bossy, wang owner though background is quite deep, but yan see, kid tough, he also just sent a sum of money shall be done.After he left, king owner white say with smile: "the owner is very concerned about childe you, myself also was up condolences."
Businessman, where each what true friendship,air * *s the charterer is clearly fear 'king suffered miss' big li han breath, a military boat, the relationship between anger, gold will pull no return, he isn't compensate a lady and lose your friend?Red Yang and two women see YangNa said more interesting, all laugh.Both the officers and soldiers to search, the idea of YangNa reply physically naught, his natural on the third floor where also can't go, have to look at the window and see river and the bustling scene. RiverFrom HunJiang wharf constantly DE river miles and go along the shore, drive-travelers merchants Bridges were built, there have been huge the gorgeous sound coming from the dock concert, YangNa although young chess, calligraphy and painting, but it like a little bit of things also, this world can be no concert such things,and all the people with can appreciate GuLe rong.
YangNa listen for a moment,ed hardi suddenly congjiang uploading a melodious guqin, he lifted up his eyes, and the sound of a watch, but see the river boat, boat coming a aoki have a meal garments Chai woman, the choic meat hand, women sitting in the boat aficionado, not from the deep long time flashed his ethereal playing.In YangNa boat after ship, suddenly stopped and ship woman looked up soft track: "don't know this ship is there a miss li?"From the window of white poked his head to should way: "you is what person? My mistress is surnamed li."YangNa zhoulezhou brows, he orders, see shipped flashes the woman in the blue boat on top a stream of gas, is clearly the white of the monster 4460! How to find themselves the devil?That woman face a pleased, from the ship stood up, put the boat directly to the attic, YangNa room, ying ying upon a way: "benefactor." if fish niang...
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