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Japan's Fukushima Daiichi atomic an outlet plant near [message #8448] Wed, 16 October 2013 13:18
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Xinhua Beijing March 22 Japan, Tokyo Electric Power Company everywhere over the going to be the 22nd, said going to be the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear an outlet plant near going to be the waters having to do with radioactive substances had been serviced too much of the levels This this in essence means that radioactive contamination both to and from land,ep spread to learn more about the ocean. In addition,the relevant departments concerning the radiation quantity around going to be the environment and contamination of agricultural and livestock continue to educate yourself regarding monitor the addition to
22 Tokyo Electric Power Company said in your a multi function statement that the company 21 prime minister outfall back and forth from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear an outlet plant about 100 meters south about going to be the 0.five they would water samples public information Detected,isabel marant uk,everywhere over the all of these going to be the concentration relating to iodine-131 was 126.7 times going to be the legal limit,juicy couture uk,going to be the concentration of cesium-134 was 24.eight times the legal limit,going to be the concentration to do with cesium-137 was 16.5 times going to be the legal limit,all over the addition for more information regarding detection relating to trace cobalt -58, iodine all the way to 132 and cesium -136.or
Since then,the company has at 22 am tested. Detected as part of your vicinity relating to going to be the outlet concentration to do with iodine-131 has came down to educate yourself regarding 29.8 times going to be the legal limit, cesium-134 and cesium-137 places a multi function greater rate having to do with decline, cobalt has been answered does never be finished with However,isabel marant,the drain about eight kilometers south to do with iodine concentration may be the measured about to 80.three times going to be the legal limit, drains about 16 kilometers south having to do with iodine concentration was 16.4 times going to be the legal limit. The above phenomenon demonstrated that going to be the concentration relating to radioactive substances in seawater, although going to be the decline,but take heart the pollution everywhere over the expanding the coverage
However,the up to the minute concentration relating to radioactive substances all over the seawater may not be harmful to learn more about human health impact.which is
Tokyo Electric Power Company said back and forth from seawater addressed radioactive material, there may be the case leaking into going to be the air and crud all around the the radioactive substances into going to be the sea on the basis of rain caused by or even to have going to be the nuclear a power outlet plant unit and into going to be the carpeting water and the circulation of blood into going to be the sea. The company said aspect had at no time been discovered everywhere in the seawater any of these there concentrations relating to radioactive substances.which is
take a look at regarding pollutants into going to be the ocean water may be an an absolute must have reason,isabel marant sneakers,going to be the Prime Minister Hosono Ho Chi assistant officer, 22,juicy couture outlet, said going to be the Japanese government and political parties are meeting for more information about discuss going to be the carry on using to do with different water instead regarding seawater water nuclear an outlet plant addition to
everywhere over the going to be the water,going to be the environment affected on the basis of radioactive contamination situation also continued to explore monitor going to be the 22nd. MEXT everywhere in the the 22nd, said everywhere in the the 21st through tap water samples public information from around the detection,a total to do with seven areas, water provide would be the fact treated radioactive substances. Which would be the fact a lot more than 21 released contaminated areas relieve going to be the number around three However, Ibaraki and Tochigi Prefecture tap water iodine and cesium radioactivity regarding going to be the several substances have increased MEXT think one or more about the reasons is no matter to explore going to be the influence about local rainfall.and also
MHLW announced an 30 municipalities everywhere over the Fukushima Prefecture tap water why not try results following the restaurant village everywhere in the the 20th of iodine radioactivity measured substantially exceeded, there was Ida City, Koriyama, Kawamata-machi,and many other 5 considering they are addressed iodine into kilogram relating to water radioactivity exceeding 100 becquerels. However, Japan's Nuclear Safety Commission to explore create iodine in line with kilogram relating to water gorgeous honeymoons as well drinking radioactivity limits to do with 300 becquerels.along with
MHLW five day appeal to explore parents rarely to rent it out going to be the baby drinking contaminated water,but *s and a young boy about whether or not there is the reason that no alternative to explore water,for that matter about whether or not going to be the drink will do not ever immediately affect well as
MEXT announced everywhere in the going to be the same day again within 24 a few hours about collecting rainwater, surface off road and several other test results compared with the a medical history of try data, rainfall areas have an all in one a good deal more substantial increase in your radioactivity, and the before anything else a period of time Shizuoka Prefecture detection concerning radioactive iodine.which is
addition, MEXT surrounding going to be the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear an outlet plant all around the Fukushima happen to have been attended to within the a build up and was able to find nuclear an outlet plant about 40 kilometers west-northwest at an average of iodine consistent with kilogram of fibres radioactivity Becquerel 43000 , 4700 cesium radioactivity Becquerel.and to
under a MEXT 22 aggregated data,going to be the Northeast and Kanto Kanagawa, Saitama, Gunma Prefecture and Tokyo upon a multi function small increase on radiation the amount In going to be the 20th night after an all in one nuclear accident briefly despite the presence of going to be the highest radiation amount values ​​Yamagata this data has can be purchased to the floor for more information regarding near normal after the accident has been what's happening everywhere in the all these areas to educate yourself regarding going to be the highest value of Ibaraki Prefecture continued to explore decrease radiation volume to use by the hour 0.394 mSv.and to
According to educate yourself regarding Fukushima Prefecture and Miyagi prefecture alone survey Fukushima at 19:00 everywhere in the the 21st measured radiation dosage 7.51 mSv on an hourly basis at 10:00 on the 22nd Sendai value will be the around 0.16 mSv by the hour for those times when measured exceeding going to be the a history of well as
agricultural and livestock in order for you containing radioactive substances exceeding 22 issues continue to ensure they are concerned about. Although going to be the day and no a lot more agricultural and livestock if you desire was found to explore beat the standard,but take heart had to have based on the Japanese government all over the going to be the 21st Fukushima, Ibaraki and other about four counties exceeded limit the impact relating to agricultural and livestock market,several unique retailers come back running four counties production to do with vegetables,while some of the Some vegetable varieties just do not within the Government's policy for within going to be the limits.which is
response to educate yourself regarding these phenomena, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano, 22, said,should strive for more information about adopt a lot of unique means to educate yourself regarding understand going to be the status having to do with circulation and consumers for more information on eliminate their anxiety. In addition,going to be the Cabinet Office's Food Safety Commission began evaluating government in your agricultural and livestock in order for you have already been was able to find after going to be the rush regarding radioactive substances exceeding all set limits listed provisional standard value is scientific and reasonable.
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