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Top 7 criteria to recognize a great dating app [message #9817] Fri, 25 November 2016 11:20
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There are plenty of dating apps launching almost every day, with a lot of claims and value propositions. We're very happy about that, because it gives us inspiration to make our product better and adapt new ideas in our special way. BUT a lot of these dating apps are very disappointing in many terms. That's why we want to give you a checklist, how you can recognize a solid dating app:

1. Amount of real users

There are plenty of big dating apps, claiming to have lots of users. But in reality what you almost always find, is that there are user profiles, not real people who really interact on these apps. So if you want to check whether it is a good app, you should start a real conversation with users. If nobody answers you can be sure, that most of these claimed users are either inactive, because they dislike that dating app in certain ways, or, and that is pretty common if you search that on google, these big dating apps are involved in shady schemes to come up with fake user profiles, using bots or employees, to create conversations with new users.
2. Data gathering
A solid dating app won't force you to give all your data and make you uncomfortable by presenting your data if you don't want it to.
So if you want to check whether a new dating app is legit, look whether you have many fields that are required to be filled in, in order to move on. Also check whether you can control which information about you will be shown to whom.
In the best dating apps, you don't need to give your data at all.

3. Your safety & security

Fake profiles are getting better and better to the point you can't recognize whether it's a real person or not. Some of these defrauders want to find out as much information about you, to either sell your photos, or even take out money out of your account. The best way to see through a person is to see that person life. But most of the apps, don't have that feature nowadays, that is why despite their claim to deal with fake profiles, they are profiting of them and won't allow you live video dating, in order not to hurt their business.
So if you want to see whether an app is solid and has nothing to hide, check whether a live video option is integrated.

4. Ability to interfere

A lot of apps though, that are safe in terms of data gathering and live videos, are not handling the problem, that many users behave in a way, that is not suitable for a dating app, claiming to bring people together and solve the problem of finding the right partner.
To find something solid, check whether an app has the following options:
(1) Possibility to reach an employee of that dating app.
(2) A reporting button, where you can report fraudulent or inappropriate behavior.
(3) A possibility to unmatch users, so they can never ever find you again.

5. Solid business model & payment system

Yes, that's right. If you think there are things in life that are free, you probably missed the popular economics quote: "There is nothing as a free lunch". So you probably think, wait, there is Facebook, and it's free, and what about WhatsApp? These platforms have a solid business model of gathering your data and using it at a certain point to give insights to companies about you, for a big amount of money.
You probably think, no problem, but what if a dating app would have the same model. Would you be happy if the app sells your very intimate data to corporations? If not, think it through, how does the app plans to make money. If it's by showing you's probably a bit disturbing but legit. If it's by letting you pay for extra services, it's still alright. But if an app gathers data from you and doesn't offer you extra services for money or doesn't show you ads, it's probably your data that is getting defrauded.

6. Fun to use it

If you want to meet someone it's all about your feelings. There is a fun factor behind swiping left and right. But are your feelings involved? Does your heartbeat rise a lot while swiping? Probably not. Now imagine what it would be like to meet a real person? You probably forgot it during these new times of dating apps where people are their profile pictures and their personality is what they wrote about themselves. You probably forgot how to interact in real life and how to recognize who is a faker, a person claiming to be someone else, probably someone he wants to be, but never will. There are nowadays some apps out there with a video profile. Other apps like FlirtNOW on the other hand give you a real experience, as if you met someone in the library or while shopping, in real time. That gives you a lot adrenaline, fun, and it makes you much more confident in general.

7. Anonymity until consent

If you used dating apps before, you probably recognize these: Give me your Whatsapp! Give me your Facebook! Give me your number! Give me your Skype! NO! You don't get anything until I'm not fully comfortable with you!
A great dating app gives you a higher quality interaction, where you don't need all those other communication apps and by that don't need to share your data with a stranger.
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